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Freight Feasibility Study

Nauru Airlines is currently exploring the possibility of offering an air freight service to and from Majuro. We would like to invite all members of the public, as well as businesses, hotels, Government Ministries of RMI, and NGOs to participate in a feasibility study of air freight service for Majuro, and other freight requirements.

The initial plan is a fortnightly schedule of a freight service, combining a load of at least seven tons to Majuro and exporting a combined load of five to eight tons to Tarawa and Nauru. There is also an option to export to Brisbane, but we will only do so if we can find importers and buyers interested in shipping cargo to Australia, given the country's strict quarantine regulations. The freight flight will also be supported by the regular weekly passenger flight Brisbane Majuro on Thursdays, return Fridays. 

If you are an Importer or Exporter of air freight cargo, such as perishable food, fruits and vegetables, general food items, meat, sausages, seafood, and dairy products, and are interested in airlifting your cargo from Australia or Fiji to Majuro please register via [email protected] 
The preference would be for customers who have regular bi-weekly order plans for one year or those who have frequent import and export deliveries with an estimated weight per shipment for one year. 

Once the feasibility study is completed, Nauru Airlines will provide an air freight price per pound for Majuro Importers and Exporters.  

Nauru Airlines is undertaking this study with the support of the Aviation Task Force Secretariat at the Office of Commerce, Investment & Tourism (OCIT) and Export N Trade Pacific PTY Ltd, Brisbane, Australia. 

We greatly value your feedback and would appreciate your participation in our feasibility study. We are interested in hearing what you want, what you need.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to help shape our air cargo service.


Please register your interest by completing the form below.