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Explore Majuro

With snorkelling opportunities and loads of war history for the avid history buff, Majuro has plenty to offer tourists. Why wait?

The capital city of the Republic of the Marshall Islands is Majuro, situated on the Majuro Atoll.

An atoll is a section of coral or volcanic land rising out of the ocean surrounding a lagoon. 64 volcanic islands and coral atolls make up the Marshall Islands, which are located between the Philippines and Hawaii.

Approximately one-third of the atolls are uninhabited.

In February 2018, a bill passed recognising a cryptocurrency called Sovereign as legal tender. 

Despite this, the Marshall Islands still currently use the US Dollar as their legal tender.

Due to its proximity to the equator, the Marshall Islands are hot and humid year-round, with little seasonal change. Temperatures generally range from 21 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius depending on the season.

December to March tends to have breezes blowing through which help to cool the islands.

The climate is tropical and water temperature is warm, providing perfect temperatures for sea life to thrive. The world below the water is as colourful as the world above it in the Marshall Islands!

There are over 60,000+ people living in the Marshall Islands and Marshallese is the national language of the Marshall Islands.


Requires ALL visitors to RMI, to have an up to date measles vaccination certificate in their possession upon arriving into Majuro.

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Things to do in Majuro

Local markets, war history and water activities are some of the most common things for tourists to do in Majuro. Get to know the culture or dive incredible wrecks while surrounded by thousands of fish.

Diving and Snorkelling

Dive into the vibrant coral and dramatic ocean depths of the Marshall Islands. Whether swimming with rainbow fish or scuba diving amidst wrecks, Majuro has a crystal clear thriving ecosystem. For an unforgettable underwater adventure, click here to book with Raycrew, the local Marshall Islands dive operator.

History & Culture

The Marshall Islands were used as a Japanese base in WWII and later controlled by the USA. You can visit the Alele Museum & Public Library to learn more about the history and culture of the islands. You can also experience history underwater and go scuba diving to explore some of the incredible underwater wrecks which are leftover from WWII.

Eneko Island

Eneko Island is just a short boat trip from the centre of Majuro. In less than 30 minutes, you can find yourself at one of the most magical spots on the atoll. Not only does this island have accommodation if you want to stay a night (or two), but it's the perfect place for a day trip. Snorkel, enjoy a picnic or just relax by the beach and enjoy everything this tropical paradise has to offer!

Where to stay in Majuro

From serviced apartments to cosy hotels, Majuro offers a variety of accommodation options to suit the needs of every traveller. Find somewhere to stay in Majuro.

Marshall Islands Resort

Set on the stunning lagoon, the Marshall Islands Resort boasts tennis courts, a swimming pool, restaurant and cocktail lounge. This hotel includes breakfast, and the rooms have air-conditioning. The hotel is only a five-minute walk from shops and restaurants and offers a free airport shuttle.

Hotel Robert Reimers

Hotel Robert Reimers a family-owned and operated hotel and has a variety of rooms available depending on your needs. Centrally located, it is close to stores, restaurants and markets. You can enjoy meals at the restaurant on-site, while their bar is the perfect place to have cocktails and watch the sunset.

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