Flying to Palau: You must fill out and send the Palau Entry Form within 72 hours or less of your arrival time into Palau. Responses should be in English. Families or solo travelers only need one form. Click Here

Special Requests and Assistance

Please let us know in advance if there is anything we can do to make your journey more comfortable.

How can Nauru Airlines assist passengers travelling with special needs or reduced mobility?

Nauru Airlines is able to assist with special needs or reduced mobility and we ask that you notify us 72 hours prior to travel of any special needs or assistance which may be required. We are able to offer wheelchairs and meet and assists, so please let us know and we will do our best to ensure your journey from start to finish is smooth and comfortable.

Can Nauru Airlines provide priority boarding to passengers with special needs?

At Nauru Airlines, we will do our best to ensure passengers requiring special assistance are boarded in a manner which is comfortable, dignified and non-discriminatory as far as reasonably possible.

Is Nauru Airlines able to cater to special dietary requirements?

If you have special dietary requirements including, but not limited to, allergies to certain foods or requiring vegetarian, vegan, halal, ovo-lacto, and pescatarian meals, please ensure that you notify our Reservations Team at least 72 hours prior to your flight.

If our team is not notified in advance of your dietary requirement, we may not be able to cater to your specific dietary requirements whilst on board.

Is it possible to request a specific seat?

Pre-reserved seat selection is allowed for Flexi Saver and Business Class fares. 

Please contact our reservations team as soon as possible or a minimum of 72 hours prior to departure to request a specific seat within your booking class. Please note that a request does not guarantee your seating preference.


Do you require medical clearance?

If you’re ill or injured and travelling or returning home for treatment or rehabilitation, medical clearance may be required. Medical clearance helps us ensure your comfort, health and safety inflight including allowing for the provision of any specialised equipment or assistance you might need.

Medical clearance is required for passengers who: 

  • Have been in hospital during two weeks prior to travel C
  • Currently suffering from a medical condition
  • Are you travelling in order to receive medical attention
  • Appear to be obviously physically ill or have unstable medical conditions
  • Have undergone significant recent surgery
  • Require oxygen in-flight Are pregnant and beyond 28 weeks of their pregnancy
  • Have an infectious disease Have a psychological disorder


Passengers with infectious diseases (e.g. measles, chicken pox) intending to travel, must seek medical clearance. They must be issued with a medical certificate to indicate they are no longer suffering from a communicable disease at an infective stage. 

Persons suffering from an active infectious disease will not be accepted for travel.

The passenger will be advised to present the medical clearance at check-in. 

Passengers who require medical clearance to travel, must obtain a letter from a qualified medical practitioner indicating the passenger's fitness to travel. The letter must be written on a surgery letterhead within the previous 48 hours. Your doctor will need to complete the Medical Clearance Form for assessment up to 72 hours before travel. Once completed forward to Nauru Airlines Reservations [email protected]. Any further questions please call our Reservations Team +61 7 3229 6455.