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Explore Nauru

Nauru is one of the smallest countries in the world, amassing only 21 square kms and is only 6 kms at its widest.

Nauru's landscape is dramatic, with lush jungle growing between the jagged pinnacles left over from phosphate mining.

Its phosphate reserves once made Nauru one of the richest countries on Earth. 

The main languages spoken in Nauru are Nauruan and English. Visitors to Nauru need to apply for a visa prior to arriving in Nauru.

Nauru is only approximately 40 kilometres away from the equator, so its climate is tropical and it is warm all year around. 

But did you know that Nauru is also only 21 square kilometres?

It's easy to walk around the entire country in a few hours, but make sure you start early in the morning as it gets warm quickly! 

Due to Nauru’s climate, bring conservative clothes suitable for warm temperatures. Sunscreen, hats and insect repellent are also necessary.

If you are planning to explore the central plateau or ‘Topside’, be sure to bring suitable footwear.

The temperature ranges between 24 degrees Celsius and 34 degrees Celsius and is kept down by sea breezes which can be felt from most parts of the island.

The Australian Dollar is the official currency of Nauru. The majority of shops, hotels and restaurants in Nauru do not use credit cards, and cash is the norm.


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Things to do in Nauru

Despite its size, there is plenty to do.

War History

For a country of its size, Nauru has a lot of war relics left over from WWII if you know where to look. Perched high on hills or hidden in the undergrowth, you can find old war prisons or large guns used when the Island was under Japanese occupation. If you're a fan of war history, then you'll love exploring to find these relics.

Deep-Sea Fishing

With a steep coastal dropoff, Nauru offers some incredible game fishing for those willing to give it a go! Head out with some of the local tours and find yourself reeling in fish like tuna, marlin and barracuda. With deep seas of up to 2000 metres off the coast, there is always plenty of action at any time of the year.

Where to stay in Nauru

Nauru has plenty of comfortable and clean accommodation options to suit all travellers.

Ewa Lodge

The Ewa Lodge accommodation is made up of modern serviced apartments. It is located only one minute away from the beach and offers a free shuttle service. The rooms have air-conditioning, TV, and there is a gym on-site. Enjoy the bakery, coffee shop, supermarket and more right next door.


Od’n Awo Hotel

The Od’n Awo is popular with backpackers in Nauru is close to many facilities. It has a Chinese restaurant on site, as well as a games room and a casino with a bar. This hotel is family-owned and operated and offers spacious rooms. It is located close to the airport and one of the major supermarkets on the island.

Menen Hotel

The Menen Hotel sports 119 rooms as well as conference facilities. There is a swimming pool on site, as well as a tennis court and barbecue facilities. Many of the rooms have incredible views of the ocean and boasts friendly island hospitality. There is a bar which gets lively in the evenings and is the perfect spot to relax.

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