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Judo Athletes Take Home Great Wins

Four Judo Athletes and One Official participated at the National School Championship and International Open Championship.

The Nauru Judo Association continues to engage at national and international level as part of the mission for 2019, which is to promote the sport of Judo as well as its values to improve the character of our youths. As part of the 2019 calendar of the Association the activities are as follows; 
From the 4th – 6th of October, 2019, four (4) Judo Athletes and one (1) official participated at the National School Championship and International Open Championship that was held on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Three (3) judoka appeared for the first time at an international competition, where all three of the Cadet athletes namely Ms. Elsis Jeremiah, Mr Isamaela Solomon and Mr. Elijah Jeremiah won medals for both events. 

The athletes have been training for over a year and a very committed, mature and are focused for the upcoming events such as 2022 Youth Olympics, 2023 SPG in Solomon Islands and 2024 Olympics. During the National Championship tournament, they fought to the best of their ability where most of the opponents found it very difficult to physically over power our athletes. However, the athletes lost to more experienced opponents in the International Open Championship. The association is working on a strategy to developed tougher and skillful athletes to match their opponents at the Oceania level. 

The following participated at the National School Championship and International Open Championship.

Results of the National School Championship
1. Elijah Jeremiah -66kg – Gold Medal. 
2. Elsis Jeremiah – 52kg – Gold Medal. 
3. Isamaela Solomon -66kg – Silver Medal. 
4. Luckina Dagagio -63kg - 1 win & 2 loss – 5th place.

Both Isamaela and Luckina competed in the heavier divisions as there were no opponents in their weight category, however they fought bravely and won fights with determination. Members of the International Judo Federation, Oceania Judo Union, Nauru Olympic Committee, Nauru Commonwealth Association Games, & Nauru Pacific Games Association. 

Result of the Gold Coast International Open 
1. Isamaela Solomon - 60kg – Silver Medal. 
2. Elsis Jeremiah - 52kg – Silver Medal. 
3. Elijah Jeremiah - 66kg – 1 win & 2 loss 
4. Luckina Dagagio - 57kg – 1 win & 2 loss

Our young athletes competed against the more experienced Judokas (Black belt) in the International Open. The team found themselves facing an eventful day, the whole team put in an extensive amount of effort and tried their very best. There will be more opportunities to come in the future for these young athletes.

Given the challenges were the limited training space and non-qualified coaches, the association continues re-organising itself to try and accommodate the growing number of athletes training on a weekly basis as well as working towards the upcoming Judo events. The association is grateful for the assistance that was extended by Nauru Airlines. The Judo athletes look forward to more creative development and assistance in the foreseeable future.

Trini Caleb 

Nauru Judo Association