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Island Hopper Extends to Palau

Commencing 30th November 2023, Nauru Airlines extends Island Hopper flight to Palau, connecting travelers to captivating Pacific destinations.

Nauru Airlines calls all ‘island hoppers’ for new experience through the Pacific


23 October, 2023

Australians dreaming of a summer escape to Micronesia will soon have access to an “island hopper” flight from Brisbane via some of the Pacific’s most intriguing and untouched destinations.

Commencing on November 30, the weekly (Thursday) Nauru Airlines service offers adventure and island lovers a journey through the largely unexplored destinations of Tarawa, Majuro, and Pohnpei en route to the archipelago of Palau. A weekly return flight from Palau will operate on Saturdays.

Tickets will be available from Friday (27 October 2023) at

Nauru Airlines CEO Brett Gebers said the Republic of Palau – an island oasis of just 466 square kilometers – was often dubbed “the underwater Serengeti” by divers.

“Known for its diverse marine life, Lonely Planet describes Palau as an overwhelming natural wonder of pristine limestone and volcanic islands, blanketed in emerald forest, surrounded by a shimmering turquoise lagoon,” Mr Gebers said.

He said travellers on the “island hopper” could choose from a range of stops, including exploring Nauru, which is rich with remnants of the island nation’s role in World War II, including military artifacts and relics, and features a landscape that reflects the country’s history in phosphate mining. 

He said Tarawa in Kiribati was another stop on the route known for its diving, and one of Kiribati’s islands a short flight away was also the first place on earth to experience the new year.

“Sitting right on the international date line, the island of Kiritimati is a unique spot to celebrate December 31, and helps make Kiribati an enchanting destination from Nauru en route to Pohnpei, Majuro or Palau,” he said.

Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, is also rich in history and natural beauty, and is a sought-after destination for explorers looking to see exotic species of fish and WWII wrecks.

Another of the possible “island hopper” destinations, Pohnpei, is home to one of the Pacific’s historic archaeological sites, Nan Madol.

“Visitors tend to be those who are looking for adventures and connections with nature and local people,” Mr Gebers said.

“These islands attract hikers, divers, birdwatchers, fishing lovers, and those looking to visit somewhere no one they know has been. We recommend that tourists choose one or two destinations along the route as their base and stay for one week in each and immerse themselves in each location and its surrounds.”

Mr Gebers said the expansion of Nauru Airlines’ services marked a milestone for the airline and was in line with its commitment to provide essential air links to the Pacific region.

“Adding Palau to our extensive network highlights Nauru Airlines' 53-year dedication to facilitating seamless travel throughout the remote islands of the Pacific,” he said.

“This new route also bridges the northern and central Pacific to key destinations in Asia, Australia, and Fiji. This expansion not only opens doors to unique travel experiences but also enhances economic and cultural ties within the region.”

Nauru Airlines Chairman Dr Kieren Keke said the airline was grateful for the support from Australia to help connect Pacific Island communities.

“This is a great example of the Pacific family supporting one another,” Dr Keke said.

“The collaboration and partnership between all the governments along the Island Hopper route have been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.

“This cooperative effort underscores the strategic role of air transportation in the sustainable development of island economies, and especially through the promotion of trade, commerce, and tourism,” he said.

Tickets to Palau will be available from Friday, 27 October 2023. Travellers can book at, and can get travel tips, visa assistance, and hotel bookings from Nauru Airlines’ own travel consultants by calling 1300 726 822.