Remembering Carla Zampatti

From Miranda Kerr to Julia Gillard, Carla Zampatti's timeless designs were worn by some of Australia’s finest and most famous but they also hold a special place in Nauru Airlines’ history.


For the then ‘Air Nauru’ team flying of 1980 - 1990, designer pieces by the late Carla Zampatti were all in a day’s work.


The iconic Australian designer collaborated with Air Nauru to design a collection that included overcoats, shoes, bags, and onboard menus.


With sleek lines and a glamourous blue hue that popped against the white and yellow of the crew’s a-line dresses, Carla Zampatti’s designs, worn by our team, elevated fashion in the air and across the globe.


Carla Zampatti’s designs were introduced by the Nauru Government’s International Public Affairs Consultant, Helen Bogdan.


Although no longer in use, the uniforms serve as a reminder of our airline’s history, and the period of growth we enjoyed in the 80s as our services expanded across the Pacific to Hawaii and the Cook Islands.


On behalf of all Nauru Airlines staff, past and present, we share our condolences with Carla Zampatti’s family and loyal followers.