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What is Miss Marshall Islands?

Get ready - the Miss Marshall Islands Pageant is happening this weekend!

For the first time ever, the Republic of the Marshall Islands will be hosting the Miss Marshall Islands Pageant.

The pageant organising committee have been hard at work for months and months to bring the pageant to life in all its glory.

The purpose of the Miss Marshall Islands Pageant is to recognise and promote incredible the incredible talents, attributes and intelligence of Marshallese women.

One representative from each of the 24 atolls in the Marshall Islands has been selected to participate in the first ever Miss Marshall Islands Pageant. The representatives are between the ages of 17 and 26, and the eager group have already been having a whirlwind few days in the leadup to the pageant evening.

There is a five-day leadup to the glorious finale of the event, and during these five days, representatives are engaging in activities varying from parades, to educational sessions to photoshoots.

The organisers hope that the young women competing in the pageant will "build self-confidence, become role models and be a voice to affect positive change within their community."

In a statement, the organisers say "The pageant can be viewed as a tool to instill and develop characteristics such as leadership skills, self-confidence, poise and strong public speaking skills."

Pageant contestants will have high priority placed on them to demonstrate the importance of giving back to and getting involved with their local communities through volunteer work, fundraising and more.

The winning contestant will represent the Marshall Islands both domestically and internally and the pageant is designed to help put the Marshall Islands on the map.

Nauru Airlines is a proud sponsor of the first Miss Marshall Islands Pageant in 2019 and look forward to a successful event.

For more, click here to read the press release from Republic of the Marshall Islands Office of Commerce, Investment and Tourism.