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Great Shot! #planespotters

The faces behind our new airline images

Nauru Airlines love the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm of our Plane Spotters worldwide. Without them, we would not have such great content to share with our followers.

To celebrate some local homegrown talent, we have been showcasing the work of avid planespotter Lachie Fuge.

Lachlan Fuge - Plane Spotter

Lachie Fuge IG:@lachiejets is an keen plane potter who works at the  Brisbane Airport and captured the first belly shot of Nauru Airlines’ new livery. 
Lachie said planes and aviation had always been a large part of his life. “I travelled on my first flight at six weeks old and from that day forward my love of aviation blossomed,” Lachie said. Lachie first took on a passion for plane spotting at a young age and has continued this passion into his adult life.

Plane spotting, for many aviation enthusiasts, is “the act of watching, tracking, or taking photos of  aircraft movements”. 
Lachie said his parents and grandma would drive him to the airport when he was younger. “Back then, I didn’t know what any of the planes were, but I loved seeing them take off and land,” he said. Recently Lachie stepped up his game with a driver’s licence and a brand  new camera. Since 2018, he has visited around 20 airports worldwide and taken over 30,000 photos of planes.  

This included Nauru Airline’s newest aircraft (VH-INU), Boeing 737-700W. Lachie said there are so many reasons to love Nauru Airlines.  
"The livery is spectacular and represents the waves of the Pacific Ocean. It’s much more visually appealing than other airlines,” he said.  
When asked about the ‘perfect photo’, Lachie said many things that make it. “Lighting, weather, and even the temperature can affect the photo quality,” he said. “To make the perfect photo, photos of retired planes like the Boeing 747 and Boeing 767 are always the preferred,"  

Lachie said he was very thankful for Nauru Airlines’ opportunity.  
“None of the photos I have taken for Nauru Airlines would be possible without the fantastic help of Jennifer Sipple from Nauru Airlines media,” he said. 
“Jennifer helped me with information about aircraft movements, invited me to events and the Nauru Airlines headquarters, shared my photos,  
and inspired me to pursue aircraft photography as a hobby”.

First Belly Shot VH-INU. Lachlan Fuge.


Posted by Nauru Airlines on September 23, 2022